4,000 Pilots in India may have "fake" licenses

Civil Aviation Watchdog admitted that the licenses of 4,000 pilots were suspicious. Indian media

4,000 Pilots in India may have fake licenses

Delhi: 4,000 pilots in India have been revealed to have fake licenses, Indian Civil Aviation Watchdog has admitted that the licenses of 4,000 pilots are suspicious, 2 of Indian National Airlines and Indigo Airlines The pilots have also been arrested. According to Indian media, the licenses of up to 4,000 pilots of other airlines, including Indian national airlines, are suspicious and fake.

An investigation has been launched in this regard. The Indian Civil Aviation Watchdog has admitted that the licenses of 4,000 pilots are suspicious. The confession came after two pilots were arrested in India. Among the two pilots, the suspended lady pilot of Indian Indigo Airlines, Pramendra Kaur, was arrested for showing fake mark sheets and presenting fake mark sheets to Captain JK Verma of Indian National Airlines for obtaining licenses.
According to the Director-General of Indian Civil Aviation, in addition to the two arrested pilots, the licenses of two other pilots Meenakshi Sehgal and Soran Singh are also suspicious. 

It should be noted that pilots with suspicious degrees and fake licenses have also come to light in Pakistan. Their number is reported to be 262. Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar said in a press conference yesterday that there are 753 pilots in all flights of Pakistan, 107 pilots in foreign airlines, 450 pilots in PI, 87 in Airblue, and 47 in Serene Air. The former Shaheen airline had 68 pilots, and various airlines are chartered, and the other airline has about 101 operators.

The national carrier Air India has suspended the pilot after an educational document was found to be fake.

An Air India spokesman said the pilot had been suspended and further disciplinary action had been taken against him. Sources said that he had obtained a fake degree from a university in Bihar after failing the HSC exam.

Both the aviation regulator and Air India investigated the matter after bringing it to the notice of the concerned authorities.

There are 262 pilots with questionable degrees, including 141 PIA pilots, all of whom are suspected pilots. There are 121 pilots whose forensic inquiries revealed that they had a paper bogus. He was replaced by someone else. Similarly, there are 39 pilots with two bogus papers, 21 pilots with three, 15 pilots with four, 11 pilots with five, 11 pilots with 6, 10 pilots with seven and 34 pilots with eight papers.
That is 34 pilots who did not give a single paper. There are also types of licenses, one for commercial pilot licenses and the other for airline transport pilot licenses. There are 109 pilots in CPL and 153 in RPL. However, action has been initiated against these pilots in Pakistan.



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