Big Achievement by China, America shocked



Since the last many days, different people are Vlogging and they are spreading ignorance that china has crushed to the US economy. So, the real solution should be laid before you, but with a historic and international background.

From the last century any country which tried to revolt against capitalism, the US has crunched it. Iran revolted against it and the US imposed sanctioned and crushed their generations, then Sudan, Venezuela. And, after 9/11 the US had even come across Afghanistan.

It is an interesting fact that since the Bretton wood (collective international currency exchange regime) agreement of financial system is signed in which the currency expresses much to the sovereignty of the state. For example, what asserts the proof that $1 is equal to Rs. 160.

All over the world, more than 75% of trade in U.S Dollars. Even if dollars are not exchanged in trades, the calculations are made in U.S Dollars, for example, crude oil is also traded in US Dollars are over the world even after several attempts of Europe to trade in Euros.

While trading in US Dollars, to prove that those Dollars aren’t fake, a copy of that trade report is sent to the Central Bank of America. Now, China came in to ring against US monopoly. A manufacturer cannot export something to China directly, a third-party exporter will buy from the manufacturer and then export it.

LC (Limited Company) will be formed in favor of that third-party exporter, and third-party will get 5-10% extra of the total revenue from Chinese under the table which will not be shown in documents, and trade will not be done in Dollars. Although, the third-party exporter can even import by using that created LC from its revenue in return.

Including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, the Chinese have done huge investments in more than 50 countries in the world and they are using the same method of exchanging revenues to neglect US Dollars by deceiving Central Bank of America.

After getting out of Corona Pandemic, 90% of Chinese manufacturers are back on their routines, and definitely, this manufactured product is to be marketed and exported somewhere on this planet, whereas, currently the US can’t even imagine starting manufacturing on routine.

Since the last century, two payment methods were only under observed by the world for banking, online transactions which were VISA and MasterCard which were introduced by the Jewish Financial System, and SWIFT service was introduced by the American Banking system to observe transactions worldwide. To dominate these banking methods, China has introduced its service in which use of these above-mentioned services are ignored, which is SCAN & PAY service by launching the software in cellular/mobile devices.

According to a careful estimate, transactions of more than $1.9 trillion are made by using this software, and 93% of these transactions are made in China internally and 7% are overseas transactions, no doubt that brighter chances are still there to avail but still, it is a deep dent on previous services. This is the reason that China had to struggle a lot to add there currency, Yuan (RMB), in IMF approved currency list.

An interesting fact for other economies is that financial agreements between Russia and India were made in local currencies and when Russian states collapsed and Russian currency (Ruble) devaluated in the world, and India paid-off all of its Russian debts.

The crux is that the Chinese have shaken US Leadership because they are for seeing their monopoly depriving and China tried to help out Pakistan to get the ease of its debts, and to trade further on with China by offering us creating and LC with them, but the Pakistan government is repelling on it. For this, China is trying to establish its Banks in Pakistan.



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