Corona Virus V/S World Lock-down

Coronavirus cases across worldwide topped 6 million as some of the countries readied to lift lock-down restrictions

Corona virus vs World Lock-down

Governments, NGOs and all health-care units around the world are trying to stop the spread of the Corona Virus while working for ways to relieve pressure on their economic system, which are facing a crisis and unemployment on large scale.

As the death toll already raised to 384,000 nations are keen to avoid second waves of infections that would definitely deteriorate their healthcare systems.

The easing has brought mixed reactions.
"I've been scared to death" about the reopening, said a brand manager of a clothing store. Staff and incoming customers’ protection is a huge responsibility for me."

French health officials have warned that "the epidemic remains active and is evolving", and that social distancing must be kept up even as restrictions are eased.

Limited socialization is allowed and restaurants will be open for taking AWAY and DELIVERY services only. A phase transition through June last is set. But Spain passes a very harsh time at the time of Coronavirus


Belgium is also easing some restrictions of lockdown, and in some parts of Germany, bars and restaurants reopened with strict SOPs because countries cannot shut down business for a long time that's why its the need of today to open businesses

Overall, the situation in Europe was still far from a normal situation.
Pubs will reopen in early July when the SOPs will be established. Hair and nails salon are still closed all over the UK because there is close contact with everyone but most of then will be ready to open in mid-June.

Across Europe, commemorations marking 75 years since Nazi Germany's surrender was canceled or scaled-down which was going to happen on MAY 08,2020.


General elections are in November 2020 and President Trump claimed the next year to phenomenal for the economy. The virus is claiming more than 1000 lives daily. And citizens of the US are feared by the consequences of lifting lock-down.
The United States lost an unprecedented 20.5 million jobs in April, driving the unemployment rate to 15.7 percent. But still, the united state help their people in a difficult time by giving them some money

In the fifth most populated country, PAKISTAN, the government is re-opening different industries in different phases. Local transport, malls are opened for the public for a limited time with a strict following of SOPs. Restaurants are open for DELIVERY and TAKE AWAY services. The construction industry is opened to support the labor class of the country. The infection rate is increasing day by day raising the death toll by 1700.

A lady shopping with her sister and sons in Capital city said: "We are happy with this decision, but at the same time I have a fear in my heart that if this disease spreads it could be devastating and could even affect my family."

But still, Pakistan fight ith corona very well and help people as per their resources and soon with the help of people government will overcome this problem




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