Shocking revelations about Pakistan History

Shocking Revelation of Pakistan History
Shocking revelations about Pakistan History
The writer did a great job in this column

If you are Pakistani and you and your family want to live in this country then you should take these few lessons from your brain.
  • Lesson one:
Anything can happen to anyone at any time in our country. If you don't believe Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, General Zia-ul-Haq, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Farooq Ahmed Leghari, Benazir Bhutto, General Pervez Musharraf, and Sharif family. Take, these people were the most powerful in the country

What happened to them? What is happening to them? Take a look at the profiles of the five former army chiefs of the country. You will also feel sorry for them. Make a list of the "happenings" with the Chief Justice. You, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Look, we are living in a country where the Chief Justice was forced to resort to the people for justice. I saw with my own eyes the handcuffs on the hands of powerful police officers. The judges picked up their files and killed them. I saw NAB officials walking around and apologizing in writing. I saw the most powerful political family in the country, including the entire family, appear before the JIT and spend decades in front of the people. I also saw General Pervez Musharraf fleeing the country. 

I saw the country's famous bureaucrats being pushed into jails and I saw people like Murtaza Bhutto tormented on the streets of Karachi under Benazir Bhutto's government. 22 richest families in the country under President Ayub Khan "All those families perished under Bhutto. The owners of banks and ships became destitute in ten years." Nia's largest cargo company was in Karachi. It had three and a half hundred ships. 

Today Its owner is living anonymously in Lahore. Chou En-Lai came to Lahore to see the factory of Beko Company. CM Latif, the owner of Beco, later died in an anonymous village in Germany. The Sharif family has died three times. Malik Riaz is the richest and most influential person in the country. I have seen him humiliated by governments for 20 years. The PPP government could not give justice to its leader Benazir Bhutto in five years. 

Corruption cases are underway, Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified on the grounds of residency, trial for the murder of 14 people against Shahbaz Sharif is underway and Yousuf Raza Gilani's son Hajj scandal and Ephedrine crown While General Pervez Musharraf's red warrants are being issued, so you are a general, a politician, a judge, a businessman, a bureaucrat or a common man. Anything can happen to anyone in our country at any time. And you have to live with this fear in this country anyway. '
  • Lesson two:
If you are prosperous and unknown in this country, then you are in no danger. You can live better than millions of people. You will then "manage" all the departments, all the institutions. You get up in the morning. Breakfast. Do it, go to the office, make money, walk in the evening, have a good time with family and go to bed at nine o'clock, no one will ask you, but the day you run out of money or you come to the limelight. Or people become aware of your name and form. On that day your life will be tormented. On that day you will be forced to take care of dhoti.
  •  Lesson three:
In our country, a person must have money, but it should not be too much. If you do not have money, it is a torment, and if it is too much, it is a great torment. I have starved someone all my life. I have never seen people die from overeating but I see people dying every day because of overeating.

Poverty does not kill people in our country, it always kills the empire. If you have four times more wealth than you need, then one day you will become a victim of the lust of your brother-in-law, brother-in-law, son-in-law, or incompetent son. To this day I have seen noble people only in courts, tribunals, hospitals, and cemeteries. I have also seen them fighting at my father's funeral. Don't let go

The day your son stands up and buys a car worth Rs. 2.5 crore or gambles his watch, his car, and his house or sells a property worth Rs. 20 million over the telephone, you will be scared that day. Donate half of your money to charity otherwise, you will end up in the hospital or on the street. I know a gentleman. He was prosperous. What he earned was on himself, on his family, and the education of his children.

They used to spend on it and donate what was left over to them. When they passed away, they had nothing in their inheritance. Their children are still living together. They are all the same. While his other brother made a lifetime of wealth, he left crores of rupees for his children, the children fought for the property after the death of their father and they are still fighting to this day, real brothers and sisters are mortal enemies of each other. Don't let your wealth go beyond happiness. If it goes away, put it in welfare. You too will be saved. Your family and your community.
  • Lesson four:
Private medical colleges are producing butchers instead of doctors. They are inexperienced and clumsy. Private hospitals are regular slaughterhouses. And "counter-check" ten times during the operation.

I have seen countless patients die from "overdoses" and wrong injections. A friend of mine buys only one injection at a time. They don't even buy medicine for more than two days. They say I gave two injections once. The nurse gave me both injections together and I was a dying baby. An FBR member bought a large injection vial for his son. The vial contained a 10-day dose. The injection was supposed to take place but the nurse put the whole bottle in the drip.

The baby died in agony. Every day we hear about left kidney surgery instead of the right eye and left eye surgery instead of the right one. So try not to have any kind of cosmetic surgery. You should always have the operation done by an experienced and sensible surgeon no matter how much you have to pay for it and when a doctor prescribes medicine for you. So you should check this prescription with another doctor. '

Try to eat less, exercise daily, and don't use ghee and fat. These three habits will keep you away from doctors, hospitals, and medicines and thus you will avoid writing your death with your own hands.
  • Lesson five:
One God, one wife, and one mobile are enough for a human being. I have always seen more gods, more wives, and more mobile people disturbed. They often die quickly. In a society like Pakistan, one marriage after another is stupid.

You can avoid this stupidity as much as you can. The second mobile also adds a thousand times to the tension of a person and if you are not satisfied with one God then you cannot be happy with thousands of gods. 
  •  Lesson six:
Whomever you deal with and whatever government or non-government office you go to, you will be deceived, you will break your promise and your self-esteem will be trampled, so whenever you Meet him and whenever you deal with someone, be mentally ready to sacrifice your ego. You will have less pain, otherwise, you will soon become a patient of blood pressure. You will reach Mayani Sahib.



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