My seat is very strong.

"My seat (Kila) is very strong"

My seat is very strong.

This Punjabi idiom was introduced to politics by the late General Zia-ul-Haq when a no-confidence motion was filed against Nawaz Sharif. Meanwhile, General Zia-ul-Haq visited Lahore and said about Punjab Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif that his "Kila" is very strong so the no-confidence motion against him flew in the air and Mian Nawaz Sharif regained full power and sovereignty. Began to rule the throne of Punjab.

General Zia-ul-Haq came to power on the promise of holding elections in 90 days and then clung to power for 4,000 days. Of all the rulers who came in the history of Pakistan, Chanakya and Macaulayana were the greatest artists of politics. However, politicians and writers should be grateful to them for spreading the idiom that the "Kila" is very strong.
When I started writing on this subject today, I went to the Punjabi dictionary to find the word "Kila" The word "Kila" existed but its meanings were not listed, which are considered in Punjab. The people of Punjab call the "Kila" the wooden peg with which the animals are tied or the "Kila" the wood which the horsemen uproot from the ground in the game of javelin throwing.

Farhang approached Asifia but could not find the word with this meaning. There is no such word in the scholarly Urdu dictionary of Waris Sirhindi provided by Prof. Tanveer. However, the jaw of the teeth must have been written in it. The Urdu dictionary board also has a word search, but the meanings are not the same. Eventually, he called Shakeel Adilzada and sought his guidance.
He also allowed the use of the word and said that it is strange that these meanings were not given in the dictionary. He said that it is a word of Punjabi and in Urdu, it also comes from Punjabi or Hindi.

The stronghold of the "Kila" is remembered by the claims of the present government. Bhutto, in the last days of his rule, used another idiom in the same sense, and said, "My seat is very strong." But we have seen that in politics such The ups and downs have to be seen that neither the fort remains strong nor the chair remains very strong. Every height falls. Therefore, those in power should not focus on the strength of the fort but on their deeds. Punjabi is one of the oldest languages ​​in the region, which is as deep as it is ancient.

There is a popular saying among the Punjabi farmers and herdsmen that he is jumping on the strength of the fort, that is, the reason why this animal is dancing and jumping is because of its fort. Mr. Bhutto said that if the chair is strong then perhaps he meant that he is very popular and the support of the people makes him strong.
When General Zia-ul-Haq strengthened Nawaz Sharif's Gov. it was clear that Nawaz Sharif had the support of the army. Our Prime Minister has said that "he is not going anywhere". Now the question is who are his strong seat and his stronghold. If their "Kila" is what they say they are all on the same page, then there are gaps in that regard.

Once upon a time, the rulers considered America as their stronghold. General Yahya Khan lost East Pakistan while waiting for the 7th Fleet. Whether it was General Musharraf or General Ayub Khan, both of them continued to increase their friendship with the US Presidents. Both gave the United States military bases in Pakistan. Both believed that if the relationship with the United States is strong, then their fortress is also strong.

General Zia-ul-Haq used to strengthen the fort of others in domestic politics and he used to fortify his own fort from America but we saw that when the wind of opposition blows, then it uproots the fort. When the time came for General Ayub, General Zia, and General Musharraf to leave, the United States became their opponent and by the time they left power, all three of them had a cold shoulder with their patron.
When the incumbent Prime Minister came to power, his "Kila" was strong, he had the full support of the state institutions and perhaps no other Prime Minister has received such open support in the past.

In this age of state and government unity, there should have been ideal progress and the effects of significant change should have been seen by now, but now it seems that even if the "Kila" is strong, the work has to be done by itself. The sand of the villages of Punjab is that the calf and the buffalo are not only tied to the "Kila" but also put in the nose.

The purpose of this double arrangement is that the powerful buffalo, in anger or vengeance, uproots its fort and runs away with the fort, so nickel is used to catch such stubborn animals.

Most of the rulers of the past proved to be sheep and goats. When they lost the support of the fort, they became powerless and went out of power. But now it seems that the power is in full swing. He will blow up the fort and hand over the fort. Will not allow

The farmer or herdsman tying up the cattle must be so sensitive that if his buffalo or calf gets out of control, then alternative arrangements are made.
If there is only one buffalo in the herd, another buffalo is brought there to balance the power of the former, something like this will still happen, the fort has to start looking for an alternative, see when this process starts. 

An unsuspecting fortress has let go of the rope on the one hand and has begun to find a solution to the rebellious calf on the other. I wish this time the solution would not be what has happened in the past but what to do. If the governments do not do something then it will be the same as what has happened in the past.

                        #My Seat (Kila) is strong


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