PTI VS PML-N Which One Is Better.Those Thieves were Good?

Those thieves were good?

As soon as I entered the Parliament House Islamabad building, I was surrounded by many fears and suspicions. Since the budget session, many MPAs have fallen victim to the coronavirus and Senator Dr. Jahan Zeb Jamal Dini has given me regular warnings that the Parliament House is a hotbed of the coronavirus. No compulsion

Despite the warning of the Baloch senator, my steps were moving towards the press gallery of the National Assembly against my will. When I reached the stairs leading to the press gallery, a voice came from the right side, "Hold on, hold on, don't go." Two masked men rushed towards me from inside the National Assembly and braked at some distance and said we need your fifteen or twenty minutes today.
Considering that he was a PTI member of the National Assembly who usually stays away from the media, but I have an old acquaintance because he has twice before becoming an MNA on the ticket of two different parties. He was accompanied by a member of the National Assembly from the PML-N, saying that if you get in trouble, you can go to nearby Parliament lodges. It is very important to talk to you. I was surprised.
I adjusted my mask and said that today PTI and PML-N want to meet me together. The PML-N leader said that he had to ask you something. You are our old kind man. We have known you for at least twenty years. You have to make some personal requests.

At that time, a wireless officer of the security staff of the assembly approached me and whispered that Sultan Tabahaduddin Kashkoli had ruined us. The salaries of government employees have not been increased and petrol has gone up by Rs 25 per liter. Better than Sultan Tahab-ud-Din Kashkoli were the thieves whom you cursed a lot but so far no theft has been caught. Hearing this, I asked, "Who is Sultan Tahab-ud-Din Kashkuli?" The security officer smiled and walked away.
The PTI MNA took out his iPhone and showed it with a message saying, "Get rid of Sultan Tahab-ud-Din Kashkoli or leave our lives." Seeing this, I urge you not to take seriously the propaganda campaign on social media against many important personalities, including the Prime Minister and some opposition leaders. The MNA said bluntly, "Give this lecture later, come with us to Parliament Lodges first." I said let's talk in the cafeteria or chamber here.

The answer is no, we all have a lot of eyes here, you go to the lodge. I promised to come to the lodge in half an hour. In the office of Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani, I chatted with Senator Farooq Naik and Senator Muhammad Ali Saif and I walked towards Parliament Lodges.

Arriving there, the broken elevator and broken stairs were describing the state of affairs of the MPs' residences. When I reached an apartment on the third floor, both PTI and PML-N members of the National Assembly were waiting for me.

A brother of the PTI chief said, "If you don't mind, all three of you hand over your mobile phones to me. I will take them to another room and lock them in a drawer." I laughed when I heard this, but nowadays most government ministers are also careful.

When this brother John took our phone and went out, the MNA of PTI said that you know that we had won the 2018 election not in the name of Imran Khan but on our own strength after winning. They added that Pakistan is about to change, but unfortunately, if you go to your constituency for the last few months, the public says very bad things. The problem for the public today is not the coronavirus, but inflation.

The locusts from above drowned our fleet, the public is not accepting the increase in petrol price, a few days ago we formed a group of some MLAs from our party and decided that if the package for the people of South Punjab If not announced, we will not allow the budget to be approved. When we contacted the PML-N, they replied that we would not obstruct the approval of the budget.
When I looked at the PML-N MNA, he nodded and said that we have no direct contact with Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. We talked to some of our elders here and they said Nawaz Sharif will not support any action that threatens the system, so let the budget be approved, he will do something later. They will never be able to do politics again.

I asked, "Will you resign?"  South province is the need of today. That promise was not fulfilled. We were told that we will end corruption in 90 days. Billions of rupees are being spent on corruption by making petrol expensive here night after night. So they were thieves on whom no theft was proved but your robbery is visible to everyone. Should you be advised to resign or not?

I smiled and said that it was up to you to decide, not me. I am a journalist when the decision is made, you will tell me, I will convey your voice to the people that you think there was a better government than the previous government which Imran Khan used to call a thief. The column is narrow. The column is narrow. Let me end here. After the budget is approved, Imran Khan's real test will begin.

As far performance is concerned this will the decisions of the public  which one is better or whom they vote but in this column, our major concern is to write the basic difference between two major parties of Pakistan which is PTI and PML-N one is in government and other was in government and it's up to the public whether they accept or reject that whether thieves were good or current government is performing well

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