Uzair Baloch, leader of "Lyari Gang war" has been Indicted

Accused denies guilt: Anti-terrorism court charges kidnapping for ransom and murder

Uzair Baloch, leader of "Lyari Gang war" has been Indicted

Karachi: An anti-terrorism court has indicted Lyari gang warlord Uzair Baloch in a kidnapping for ransom and murder case of a businessman. What is denied. Uzair Baloch was produced in court with his face covered and handcuffed under tight security. During the court appearance, the judge read out the indictment. The judge inquired whether he had confessed to the crime.

Uzair Baloch, who was present in the courtroom, denied the charge in the negative. The court issued notices to the accused on the denial of the accused and ordered to present the witnesses at the next hearing. Rangers were heavily deployed in the terror court. Uzair Baloch's brother Zubair Baloch and others have been arrested in the case and other accused have already been charged.
It may be recalled that Uzair Baloch was arrested by Rangers on January 30, 2016. When the Karachi operation started in September 2013, Uzair Baloch had fled the area. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) consisting of 6 officers was formed to investigate Uzair Baloch. Was gone. A military court had also sentenced Uzair Baloch to 12 years in prison in April 2020. Uzair Baloch has also been sentenced to 12 years in prison under the Official Secrets Act.

A few days ago, a 36-page JIT inquiry report came to light in which Uzair Baloch, the leader of Lyari gang war, confessed that he had killed Razzaq Commando's brother in 2010 through Baba Ladla and Jabbar Langra. Baloch has also confessed to killing on linguistic grounds in Karachi's Sher Shah Kabaddi Market and killing 11 people in Sher Shah Kabaddi Market through Jabbar Langra.

According to the JIT report, the accused has confessed that he was on suspicion of extorting money from a political party opposed to the massacre at Sher Shah Kabaddi Market. Uzair Baloch has confessed that he used March 2013 to avenge his father's murder. I killed Arshad Pappu. He says that he killed Arshad Pappu with the help of police officers and gangsters. The accused says that he had got the help of several police inspectors in the murder of Arshad Pappu. The police mobile was arranged by Inspector Yousuf Baloch.
According to the JIT, Arshad Pappu and other abductees were brought to Adam T's warehouse where he was killed along with his two accomplices. His body was cremated and then ashes were dumped in the gutter. He also ordered his staff to resist the police. The JIT report also revealed links between Uzair Baloch, the gang group, and the MQM, as well as Uzair Baloch's confession of attacks on Arshad Pappu, Ghaffar Zikri group and civilian casualties.




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