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Naya Pakistan and Change occurs in 2 years

Naya Pakistan and Change occur in 2 Years: T here is a market for a change in Akstan but the blind of intellect do not see change anywhere. This change started in 2014 when after her marriage to Reham Khan , the captain stood on a container in D-Chowk, Islamabad and said, “Who says there has been no change, my house has changed.” After the 2018 general elections, when Imran Khan took over as Prime Minister, the pace of change accelerated. In the transformation market of Punjab, 5 Chief Secretaries and 5 IGs were changed in just 2 years. 9 Higher Education Secretaries, 4 Commerce Secretaries, and 3 Finance Secretaries were replaced. Besides, 4 chairmen of the Board of Investment, 4 chairmen of the FBR, 3 chairmen of the SECP were also present. 3 food security ministers, 3 information and broadcasting ministers, and 3 industry ministers also repaired the house. Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Poor radish of which field. Zafar Moj's army of advisers and special assistants also

Quaid-e-Azam's death anniversary and the loss of Pakistan?

Quaid-e-Azam's death anniversary and the loss of Pakistan W hen we write about the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, we often mention various anti-Pakistan characters around him. On the occasion of Quaid-e-Azam's death anniversary on September 9 , he will also mention the fanaticism of Islam and slapping in the face of those who prove it to be secular, slapping through the writings in the history and a lost coin. This counterfeit coin belongs to Sir Sikandar Hayat, a well-known member of the All India Muslim League. Sir Sikandar Hayat was in Sir Fazal Hussain's Unionist Party. The Unionist Party merged with the Muslim League. He also joined the Muslim League. He was the president of Punjab All India Muslim League. Also, the Chief Minister of the Punjab Assembly in United India. The original Lahore draft was prepared by him, Sir Sikandar Hayat, and presented by the Chief Minister of Bengal, Maulvi Fazal Haq, at a meeting of the Muslim League at Manto Pa

Karachi issue is Administrative or Political?

Karachi issue is Administrative or Political? T here can be no two opinions in acknowledging the fact that Karachi is a city that has the potential to become the most powerful industrial and commercial hub not only in Pakistan but in the entire region. And there can be no two opinions that this is the city that has sacrificed the politics of political parties the most.  The latest example of this is the ongoing dialogue between the PTI and the PPP that on September 5, when Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a Rs 1 billion development package for Karachi, the PPP chairman The next day, the BJP said that out of this, Rs 3 billion is from the provincial government, ie the PPP, while only Rs 2 billion is from the federation. Rejecting Bilawal Zardari Bhutto's statement, Minister for Planning, Development and Special Affairs Asad Umar denied Bilawal Zardari and said that out of Rs 2 billion, 3% or about Rs 5 billion is from the federation while the remaining 5% ie Rs. Billions of rup