Naya Pakistan and Change occurs in 2 years

Naya Pakistan and Change occur in 2 Years:

Naya Pakistan and Change occurs in 2 years

There is a market for a change in Akstan but the blind of intellect do not see change anywhere. This change started in 2014 when after her marriage to Reham Khan, the captain stood on a container in D-Chowk, Islamabad and said, “Who says there has been no change, my house has changed.” After the 2018 general elections, when Imran Khan took over as Prime Minister, the pace of change accelerated.

In the transformation market of Punjab, 5 Chief Secretaries and 5 IGs were changed in just 2 years. 9 Higher Education Secretaries, 4 Commerce Secretaries, and 3 Finance Secretaries were replaced. Besides, 4 chairmen of the Board of Investment, 4 chairmen of the FBR, 3 chairmen of the SECP were also present. 3 food security ministers, 3 information and broadcasting ministers, and 3 industry ministers also repaired the house.

Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Poor radish of which field. Zafar Moj's army of advisers and special assistants also keeps changing, but the biggest change is the use of soft language in politics, which has started from “Oye Nawaz Sharif” to Gali Gluch.

Like it or not, the inventor of non-parliamentary language in politics is our Prime Minister, who is followed by people like Fayyaz Chauhan who prove to be more loyal to the Shah than to the Shah.

This is the same Fayyaz Chauhan from Jamaat-e-Islami who addressed the Hindus as drinking cow's urine. He calls someone a “space loser” and someone a “mustache monkey.” He even said about his own party's minister Fawad Chaudhry, “Fawad Chaudhry's mind is full of straw.” Let the PTI decide for itself whose mind is full of straw.

We have lost the achievements of the change government.

The latest achievement of the caretaker government is that the IG Punjab was changed when the differences between CCPO Lahore and IG Punjab came to light. The story is that when Omar Sheikh Kosi was appointed CPO Lahore, he spoke against IG Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, on which Shoaib Dastgir not only stopped coming to his office but also the attitude of CCPO towards the Chief Minister of Punjab. Also, complained

When the matter came to the notice of the Prime Minister, he retained Omar Sheikh in his post and appointed Shoaib Dastgir, Additional IG, 21st Grade, South Punjab, Inam Ghani as the new IG. An emergency meeting of Punjab police officers was held on the appointment of the new IG in which Additional IG Tariq Masood refused to work further under the new IG.

He said he could not work under any of his juniors. The emergency meeting (which included almost all senior police officers) demanded that action be taken against CCPO Lahore Omar Sheikh for breach of discipline. Top officials at the emergency meeting continued to express their concerns over the IG Punjab's transfer in this manner, while the opposition said that the IG had been removed for not being part of the government's revenge agenda.

CCPO Lahore Omar Sheikh is the same person whose promotion was stopped by the Prime Minister about 2 months ago after receiving a negative report. Now it is not known which wolf got into the hands of Omar Sheikh that he was appointed to the most important seat in Lahore. 

That is why the opposition is making noise that the present government is interfering politically in every institution. Similar views have been expressed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad.

Strongly condemning the shameful incident of rape of a woman on the motorway, the Chief Justice said that the exchanges in Punjab Police were a sign of political interference. Addressing the concluding ceremony of training of judges of commercial courts in Lahore yesterday, the Chief Justice said that it seems that the control of the police department is with incompetent people who have destroyed law and order in the country.

The recent embarrassing incident is also a result of this. The government should restore the credibility of the police department and prevent any political person from interfering. “We are seeing the police become politicized,” he said. The politicization of the police has not saved the lives and property of the people in the country and the lives of innocent passengers on the highways. These are the words of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, not the opposition.

Therefore, the change government will have to consider its claims.

The latest statement of the new CCPO Omar Sheikh has caused a stir not only in the opposition but also in government circles. Instead of condemning the tragic rape of a woman on the motorway, the CCPO asked why the woman went out at night. Why didn't the woman check petrol? Why was there no driver with the woman?

The CCPO also asked why the woman did not go to GT Road instead of the motorway. Omar Sheikh also said that he must have considered Pakistan as France where women are safe. After Omar Sheikh's statement, people are beginning to get the impression that they should not have any expectations from institutions like the police and should focus on alternative security arrangements for their safety instead of being complacent.

The question is, when the people have to protect themselves, then why the police department, which feeds on the blood and sweat of the people? Perhaps our CCPOs do not know that in Islam, women are commanded to sacrifice their lives to protect their honor and dignity. If they had known, they would never have referred to France. No other religion or society has given as much protection to Islam as Islam has given to women.

If fourteen hundred years ago a single woman laden with jewels could travel from Mecca to Medina without any fear, why can't a single woman go out on the streets today? It is certainly also the fault of the woman who did not check the car's gas, but where was our police sleeping when repeatedly calling the police and the police were in a dispute over who was in charge of the area. 

Comes. Wasn't it a requirement of humanity that the police come to the rescue immediately without getting into a fight over the bureaucracy, but where the appointments were political, did it have to happen?



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